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What Is Holistic Yoga?

What Is Holistic Yoga?

What is Holistic Yoga?

My approach to Yoga is that there is no “one size fits all”. We all have different bodies, health issues, lifestyles and stressors. We live in different environments, have different jobs and our life circumstances are not the same.

Someone who is stressed and anxious might need a more calming Yoga practice. On the other hand, a person that feels sluggish and has weight issues would benefit from a more energizing and dynamic Yoga. Working holistically means that I look at the person as a whole in order to offer an individualized Yoga practice tailored to my clients’ specific needs.

The beauty of Holistic Yoga is that it is for everyone! No matter how old you are, if you’re flexible or not, a beginner or more advanced – I will help you find the yoga that suits YOU.

How can we work together?

In order to get clear about your specific needs and the results you want to achieve with your life, we will first look at your physical and mental constitution (or “dosha” in Ayurveda), your state of mind and health, current life situation and personal issues you might struggle with.

I will then create a customized Yoga practice for you, which always includes a breathing technique and meditation that complements the Yoga poses. I will also consult you regarding possible lifestyle changes you might want to make in order to bring even more balance into your life. These include nutritional recommendations, Ayurvedic practices, meditation and breathing techniques, morning and nighttime routines, productivity tips and more.

Over time we will assess your progress and modify your personal practice if needed to make sure you keep on reaping the benefits that Yoga will bring into your life.

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