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Kids Yoga

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Why Yoga For Kids?

Our kids grow up in a world full of stress and distractions – school pressures, competitive sports, anxious parents, TV and much more. These modern-day influences can create stress and anxiety at an early age. As a former high school teacher I incorporated Yoga and meditation into my students’ school day and witnessed how these practices can help children become calmer, more balanced and focused.

The beauty of Yoga lies in its accessibility for every child, no matter its flexibility, size or age. Yoga in itself is non-competitive and encourages compassion towards others and towards oneself. There is no pressure for kids to compare themselves to someone else or “to win”. Practiced at an early age, Yoga can help in cultivating a positive body image, building self-esteem and learning body awareness. On a physical level, it enhances our children’s strength, flexibility and coordination.

In my approach to Yoga for kids I combine movement, stillness, music and even storytelling to keep the experience playful and not too serious. After all, Yoga should be fun!

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