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My Pregnancy And What I Have Learned

My Pregnancy And What I Have Learned

Pregnancy is wonderful and challenging at the same time. I was lucky that I didn’t have any nausea, however I had strong mood swings for the first three months. No fun for baby daddy! Having healthy routines to come back to was incredibly helpful: My Yoga practice, a healthy diet and Ayurvedic routines have supported me throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

Side note to all mums-to-be who are interested in Yoga and Ayurveda: I can highly recommend the book “Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby” by M. Bachman.

But the time after baby, especially the first few months, is even more turbulent. You will probably be quite overwhelmed and the drop in hormones after birth can be hard on your state of mind. That’s why finding a few minutes here and there in between feeding, shushing and changing diapers to take care of your body AND mind is so important.

Think healing, restorative movements and nourishing food as well as meditation, journaling, and sharing your thoughts and emotions with your loved ones. Don’t be shy to ask for help – now is the time you need it the most so you’re able to take care of your baby and yourself.

What I have learned throughout the past 15 months is to be even more grateful for my body and what it is capable of. My respect for us women has grown SO much and I’m in awe of what we can achieve. The biggest lesson I’ve learned though is that it’s ok to go with the flow and not obsess about how things should be. I’m a huge perfectionist and love planning so that was a hard one for me.

And that’s what I want to leave you with. ⠀
It’s ok not to know what’s going to come next. Feeling a bit lost. Not having an exact plan mapped out. And sometimes, that’s when the magic happens.

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